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I am an interior consultant and stylist based mainly in North London but also in South West France where I own a house (Vintage Curator House). I am also a certified coach and I specialise in helping clients who find themselves in an interiors “rut”, wondering what they can do to make their homes “feel” right.

I started my interiors journey as a child growing up with a mother who would take us, from an early age, to antique and craft fairs (as well as the odd hippy festival!). I would watch her mend broken plates, sew lavender bags and revamp furniture long before upcycling became trendy and we would often spend our weekends cruising the streets of East London searching for skips to dive into to salvage all sorts of abandoned treasures.

My course was set (via fashion buying, University, City banking and jewellery retailing) and today I do what I do best, helping clients to make the most of their homes. I believe that you are fully capable of making the right decisions for yourself, its just a case of finding the confidence to do it. So if you want to work collaboratively, and informally, with someone, then please get in touch with me as I’d love to hear from you.

Sam x